Posted 4 days ago

The First Post of (Hopefully and Preferably) Many…

You are officially seeing my first post.

Congratulations / Huzzahs are in order for you, so congrats AND huzzah!

There. I have officially congratulated and huzzah’d all of you for seeing “The First Post.” Aren’t I nice?

Don’t get used to it, it’ll go to your head and then you’ll only end up disappointed and potentially angry by the end of it all.

Moving on… I feel as though I need to first address the fact that in my personal life, I am an avid procrastinator, lazy, and apathetic. As such, I will not be making posts on a regular basis unless a publisher (yeah, right) somehow stumbles across this and decides they want to pay me to do something I’m already doing for free. At that point, updating this page will then become like a second job and I will feel obligated to abide by some sort of schedule. I will also be leaving it completely up to you, the readers who will only know me as text on a web-page, to determine what kind of person I am and the way I think.

With that said, on to the true meat of this post! Read on if you’re interested!

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